Foot Sensation is the only facility in the GTA that doubles as a foot clinic and a comfort shoe store. We design and manufacture custom orthotics in-house with complete support for your individual needs in mind. Choose from the best selection of footwear brands in Toronto, including Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, New Balance, Blundstone, Clark’s and many more. Because we have fully certified Pedorthists on staff and our own in-house laboratory, we not only produce custom orthotics and outside the box foot solutions, but can also help you with any footwear fit and/or modifications. We are innovators and take the time to ensure the proper fit and solution for any foot.

Your choice for brands like Birkenstock in Toronto.
We have the largest online selection of trusted comfort shoe brands in Toronto. Browse our large selection of popular footwear brands, including the complete line of Men’s and Women’s Birkenstocks footwear. Find the signature Birkenstock Arizona alongside Birkenstock sandals and slippers, in a variety of colors, or browse our collection of Finn Comfort shoes and find your perfect fit!

Find quality Birkenstock Sandals & Shoes, Finn Comfort & more top brand footwear. The best selection & pricing for comfort shoe brands and Birkenstock repair in Toronto.

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Are you suffering from foot or lower limb pain or day-to-day discomfort?

Learn about some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions including causes, symptoms and recommended treatments related to foot, knee, leg and ankle pain. Identify the symptoms you are experiencing and talk to us about a foot care solution.


Our customers come to us for total foot care solutions because we are more than just a retailer, we are also Certified Pedorthists. Our recognized professionals are trained specifically in the areas of biomechanics, footwear, shoe modifications and custom orthotic construction. Our Certified Pedorthists will work with you on everything from fitting and modification of your custom orthotics, to foot appliances and footwear, all to help alleviate painful or debilitating foot conditions.

Why Choose a Certified Pedorthist?

Foot care goes beyond simply the shoes you wear. As Certified Pedorthists, we are prepared and fully trained to solve any level of pedorthic conditions, from tendonitis to painful growths. Our certifications mean that we are foot orthotics and orthopaedic footwear experts, helping patients achieve and maintain proper foot care and lower limb health. Our goal is for our patients to carry on healthy, lifestyles without the limitations of foot discomfort. At Foot Sensation foot care clinic, our expert fitters can find the right shoe or solution to suit your condition. 

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