Shoe inserts are something a lot of us consider using, but never take the time to look into. We’d all like our shoes to fit a little better and our stride to be a little more comfortable, but we rarely consider just how important that might be. The vast majority of people would benefit from appropriate shoe inserts—and not just for basic comfort, as we’ll explore in this article.

The Basics of Shoe Inserts

Any non-prescription foot support worn inside your shoe qualifies as a shoe insert. This actually covers a fairly wide range of products, from basic pre-packaged arch supports to customized tailor-made insoles. Many misunderstand the point of these inserts—while many do result in a softer, more comfortable seat for your foot, the primary benefit of any insert is a more appropriate support for your feet.

Your foot is quite complex and quite unique, and the way you place weight upon it has implications that impact your entire body. By using appropriate shoe inserts, you improve the distribution of weight in a way that helps keep your lower body healthier, your posture better, and your shoes longer-lasting. This becomes especially important if your foot isn’t particularly well-suited to the basic shape of your shoes’ insoles.

Who Benefits?

Anyone who spends any amount of time on their feet will benefit the most directly from shoe inserts, even if they don’t really notice problems at the moment. People in service jobs, athletes, even stay-at-home parents can all put quite a bit of pressure on their feet over the course of a day. People with past injuries, various current illnesses, and fragility due to age or other factors can also benefit immensely.

Of course, these are just the people with the most to gain. Poor foot support will effect anyone over time. Placing excessive weight on the wrong areas of the foot wears away at the small bones

Why it Matters More Than You Think

There are a near countless number of ailments which can impact the feet. Some stem directly from poor support for your feet. Others arise from other illnesses and diseases, and are made worse by poor support. If you suffer from any problem on this long list, your discomfort and ongoing problems may be greatly alleviated by an appropriate shoe insert. These ailments include:

Keep in mind, these are just those problems directly associated with your lower body. Many find that poor foot support contributes directly to back pain or headaches, due to improper posture and the associated strain and stress. You’re also more likely to injure yourself with poor support, due to rolled ankles, stumbles, and similar incidents and accidents.

Shoe inserts are one of those items which nearly everyone should be using, though remarkably few do. Your shoes simply aren’t designed for your foot, and while that may not matter much in the moment, it’s an incongruity that can and will add up to problems over time. Visit Foot Sensation! for inserts, enjoy the comfort of shoes that support you properly, and enjoy better foot health over time – contact us today!