Are Custom Orthotics For You?


Over the last few years, there has been a lot more attention paid to the idea of people getting custom orthotics for their feet. The premise is that for people that may be experiencing some pain in their feet or legs as a result of their daily, walking or running related activity, custom orthotics can help to get rid of this pain, especially if it’s chronic. But is this true? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Custom Orthotics?


First, let’s look at what’s being offered and find out exactly what custom orthotics are, and what they are supposed to do. Custom orthotics are a specialized form of foot, heel, and leg support, usually inserted into footwear for everyday use. The reason they are called custom orthotics is because they require precise measurements of a person’s feet, in order to have these special support inserts made to the exact specifications of that person. No two custom orthotics are alike.


The reason that custom orthotics are supposed to be helpful is that they provide needed support to areas that may be exposed to too much force. For example, people who are diabetic suffer from blood pressure problems, as well as reduced nerve sensitivity in their feet. Custom orthotics, in this case, provide an extra layer of protection to keep the feet and toes shielded from an unwanted force applied because the diabetic person is unaware he or she is walking in a harmful way, due to a lack of discomfort or pain from the feet.

Who Benefits From Orthotics?


While many people may suggest custom orthotics for just about any kind of foot discomfort, you should only seriously consider orthotics if you get a recommendation from a trusted medical professional. For example, some pain in the legs may arise from repetitive stress injuries, in which case, orthotics won’t solve the problem if a person continues to perform the action that is harmful in the first place. However, you will only know this once you actually seek a professional medical opinion, and get diagnosed, rather than taking a suggestion from a friend to “get orthotics if your feet hurt.”


While diabetic patients clearly benefit from the extra protection derived from properly measured and diagnosed orthotics, they’re not the only one. People with arthritis can also benefit from the added support that orthotics bring. Those who are diagnosed with plantar fasciitis that results in sore feet first thing in the morning, even after a good night’s sleep, are also greatly helped. People with metatarsalgia that affects the bones of the feet are another good candidate for custom orthotics. There may be other conditions that can benefit from orthotics, but until an experienced medical professional takes the time to examine and diagnose your particular needs, don’t rely on hunches or self-diagnostic judgments.

We Can Support You & Your Feet


Foot Sensation is here to help people that already know they are need of custom orthotics thanks to the recommendation of a medical professional they trust. If you have any questions about what orthotics can do for you, or need the help of experienced professionals in order to get the orthotics that your doctor has recommended to keep help protect your feet, contact us. We’re happy to take questions and comments on our website, or you can visit us at our store for more information and help if you live nearby one of our outlets.