Proper Diabetic Foot Care Treatment & Prevention


Diabetes is a challenging condition that makes for a lot of adjustment in a person’s life when it is diagnosed. It means some big changes in diet and lifestyle in order to stay healthy, but it also means that extra care needs to be taken with the feet. Why does diabetes have such a big impact on foot health and what can a diabetic do about it? We’ve got some important tips to keep in mind.

Higher Infection Rate


Diabetes is a blood disorder, where the insulin that would normally help your blood to transfer sugar into your cells doesn’t work properly, or at all. The result is an abnormal sugar level in the bloodstream that can have a variety of effects, including reduced blood pressure.


This has consequences for your feet, which can suffer from reduced blood flow and even nerve damage. Because of this, diabetics may become less sensitive in their feet and not know when they have contracted an infection or even an ulcer. If this problem is ignored for too long, it may even require amputation to save the rest of the leg from a severely infected foot. This requires a bit of extra diabetic foot care on the part of diabetics to ensure their feet stay in good shape.

Quit Smoking


This is generally advised for overall health but becomes a priority for diabetic foot care. If you smoke, the ingredients in cigarettes can affect your blood pressure, reducing circulation, which is already going to be a problem for your feet. Stop smoking and reduce this risk.

Check Your Feet Every Day


Because diabetics may suffer from reduced sensitivity in their feet, cracks, cuts, blisters and other issues that would be painful and problematic for normal people may go by completely unnoticed by diabetics. This is why it’s essential to conduct a daily examination of your feet. In some cases, this may be difficult to do for certain parts of the feet, so the use of mirrors may make things easier. If you see any of these issues, get them addressed now, before they turn into a diabetic foot ulcer.

Get The Right Shoes


Good shoes are important for daily life, but they are essential for diabetics. This is a case where you want to take the time to make sure your shoes are “just right.” Not only should they be a good fit, but also they should be tight enough to prevent rubbing and sliding, which may lead to friction wounds that could contribute to ulcers. However, they should also be loose enough to not crowd your toes. Orthopedic shoes may also be required for a better, custom fit. Your shoes should also provide good support so that weight is evenly distributed and you don’t put unnecessary force on any part of your foot.

We Can Keep Your Feet Safe


Foot Sensation has the specialty knowledge and products to help people with specific foot concerns, including diabetic foot care. If you want to make sure you’ve got the best fit, best support and best protection for your diabetic foot needs, contact us at our website or come see us at our store. We’ll get you the fit and support you need for good health!