The Types of Comfortable Walking Shoes


Sacrificing comfort for style is something that many people deal with when it comes to their footwear. When we think about comfortable shoes, the mind tends to think of clunky, dour footwear that does not complement a modern style. However, comfortable walking shoes have come a long way, and at Foot Sensation, we specialize in comfortable shoes that work with your life. Here are some of the best comfortable walking shoes for all your activities and needs:


Best Walking Shoe Brands for Women


With so many great choices, why are you still hurting your feet in those outdated heels? Some of the most popular comfort walking shoe brands we carry for women include:



Ziera: Known for creating shoes that are styled around fitting the foot as well as looking good. No other manufacturer boasts the orthotics range that Ziera does. Once you’ve discovered the comfort, you’ll never look back.


Birkenstock: If you’re looking for a comfortable summer shoe, look no further than Birkenstock. Known for their iconic sandals, Birkenstocks have an extremely comfortable footbed, which provides support and gives the feeling of walking barefoot. The company is also innovative and forward-thinking, always reinventing products and creating new lines to inspire. 


Vionic: Created by an Australian podiatrist, they are extremely popular for their modern looks and technology designed especially for those with foot pain. Their range of elegant and sophisticated sandals will surprise you. 

Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men


Men like their footwear as much as women and have the same demands for having feet that look and feel good. Some of the best walking shoe options for men include:


Finn Comfort: The Finn Comfort range is made in Germany, where for the last 60 years the company has been designing shoes that specialize in fit and functionality. With small details that reflect their European craftsmanship, you are assured a long-lasting, comfortable shoe that will take you all over town. They’re even eco-friendly!


Clarks: With almost 200 years of footwear experience, Clarks is a premium brand that offers shoes for whatever you are looking for. The sandals offer casual sophistication while the desert boots, oxfords, and slip-ons offer extreme comfort, durability, and style.


New Balance: Light and nimble, New Balance training shoes are great for people who are looking for an all-around athletic running shoe. With flashy designs and modern touches, these shoes are also stylish and fun.

We Are Unique


A cross between a foot clinic and a shoe store, we have combined the best of both worlds to bring you customized services and attention for your feet. We have the widest selection of the best comfort footwear in the GTA, and we take the time and care to serve your needs well. Our onsite laboratory makes customized orthotics so you can be sure that you are putting your best foot forward with comfort and style. If you’re looking for the best walking shoes for men and women, visit us in-store or online at Foot Sensation.