Why Arch Support in Shoes Is Important


Every day we perform activities that require us to use our legs and feet. Walking, standing, running, driving, and many other actions contribute to how we move and make our way around the world. However, not many people understand the significance of wearing the right shoes to sustain these movements and limit the pain that can arise from a lack of arch support.

A lot of people experience foot pain, which commonly stems from a lack of proper arch reinforcement. Many do not realize it, but with the right arch support, the pain suffered while using your feet can be severely reduced. Continue reading below to understand the benefits of having shoes with the correct arch support.

Offers Support & Stability

The arch is located at the base of your foot. It is the sunken region that makes up the center of your feet. It is composed of three arches known as the longitudinal arches and a traverse arch, which all contribute to its triangular shape.

The arch as a whole enables the foot to bear the weight of the body and its movements properly. Wearing shoes with proper arch support contributes to the arch's function as an element that provides holistic support to the body.

Evens the Distribution of Pressure

The purpose of the arch is to tolerate pressure. If it is not shaped or supported correctly, it will not hold up the body’s mass efficiently. The shape of the arch defines how your foot will tolerate the weight bearing down on it from above. If the pressure is not absorbed and dispersed equally, the result is foot pain and harm to other parts of the body. 

Reduces Pain 

Plantar fasciitis is one of the common causes of arch pain. Wearing shoes with inadequate arch support or flimsy soles can cause this condition. It is also caused by overuse, inflammation, and other contributing factors.

“Flat feet” is a condition that also affects the arch. It occurs when the curvature of the foot strikes the ground and flattens. Purchasing shoes with proper inserts and adjustments can limit the stress and pain that flat feet place on arches, ankles, and other impacted areas. 

Improves Balance & Posture

If your arch is too high or poorly shaped, this can affect how you stand or walk. It can cause pressure and stress on your ankles, feet, and back, among other areas. Arch supports are ideal for restoring balance and stability. It helps to improve posture and minimize the pain related to improper support.

Prevents the Arch from Collapsing

Arch support is essential because it reinforces the arch and helps the body remain correctly aligned while moving, thus your joints aren’t under undue stress and your weight is carried safely. The arch of the foot is fundamental for supporting weight, but if it is unable to bear the pressures of the body and contribute to its movement, it can collapse. You need shoes that adhere to the natural curvature of your foot so that you can continue to move around and do so pain-free.

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