Toronto Winters are not a joke, and injuries are not either.    A simple fall can debilitate us and affect our lives in more ways than we can imagine.  So why not protect ourselves as best as we can?

Let’s face it, there is no way to control the weather or what we may come across on our morning commute or on our way home from work.  But we can make sure we come prepared.

I have been working with Pajar boots for over 15 years and I can say that I truly believe in the workmanship and waterproofing quality. Here’s a little story to help put things into perspective

I remember it was 2004 and I had started university, I would have to trek to the go bus and eventually switch to the TTC (It was a long trip from Markham).   My commute in the morning was at least doubled in the winter.  Part of the reason was that I had to find a pathway to school that was shoveled and I could walk through because I didn’t want my feet to get wet as I would have to sit with those shoes on all day wouldn’t be able to focus on my schoolwork because I was uncomfortable in my wet socks.

Everything changed one cold November morning.  That day I wore my new PAJAR boots to school and instantly I didn’t have to go around the patches of snow anymore or look for shoveled areas.  That day I walked right through the snow in my new knee high waterproof Pajar boots with a big smile on my face.  People must have been looking at me and wondering….what’s wrong with this girl smiling in this horrible weather.  Little did they know that I had been looking for a shorter route to school and the deep snow and wishing there was a way I could cut through the field; and that day I could! All because of my new boots!!!  And those boots kept giving me warmth and happiness every time I put them on until I wore them to the ground several years later and bought a new pair.

Pajar is a Montreal based company, and Montreal knows how to deal with lots of snow! They take many things into account, max temperatures, breathability, and durability, including ice and slippage because you never know when you will come across a patch of ice or need to go through deep snow.  They are always changing their styles to keep up with the times, and finding new innovative ways to bring us comfort and convenience.

Try the new Arctic grips, a collaboration between Pajar and Vibram soles. Not only are they warm and rated to -30 degrees Celsius but they are sure to enable you to walk wherever you so desire in any Ontario winter conditions. They are lightweight and will provide you with the ultimate winter proof grip on any Ontario icy streets!

For those of you who are really scared of falling on ice you will feel really safe with the Ice-Gripper retractable technology. Stainless steel studs mounted on a flexible and durable polyurethane sole. It is designed to increase grip on snow and ice and certified to meet the security footwear regulations.

ICE GRIPS …. They could save you!!!           

If maximum warmth is your ultimate goal then Pajar’s Premium Heritage collection is for you. They are made in the heart of Montreal and are rated to keep you toasty warm to -40 Celsius. Now that is the official rating but between you and me these boots will keep your warm even below -40 Celsius. The Heritage collection boots are all lined with Shearling Sheepskin, not only is it warm but it is cozy! All this comes with the guarantee of 100% waterproof. Some of the Heritage collection boots even have a rabbit fur cuff for additional styling. You can’t beat being warm and cozy with not compromising on style!                                                                            

So for our Canadian winters why not buy a Canadian winter boot!