Foot Sensation.ca would like to assure you that WE DO NOT

  • Collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us. 
  • Provide or sell the names and addresses of our customers [site users] to outside vendors. 

Foot Sensation.ca does: 

  • Safeguard customers' information from unauthorized access. 
  • Collect, maintain and use customer information as necessary to provide the most helpful and targeted products and services to meet customers' needs (e.g. customer care or new products or services). 
  • Honor customers' requests to remove their names from our e-mail solicitation lists.
  • Maintain confidentiality of customer information when undertaking projects with other companies. 

Foot Sensation.ca values your privacy, and we reinforce this belief throughout our organization. Your information will be protected as described unless the specific web page says otherwise.